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Type of business.
School of Grooming and Dog Spa.
Attractiveness of the business.
School Dog2Home School trimming hair of the dog spa face particular The course for people who want to learn Grooming, bathing, including spa, Thai scheme to dogs as well as massage, compression, especially for dogs. Current technicians will trim the dog is very rare this school. A student production. For export to foreign countries because it is a great need.

Year Established business.
Year 2540.             T. 081-9338055   086-3074942 

• targeting those who want to learn to cut hair for the dog to professional-level C + to B.

• School of Grooming and Dog Spa, with five of the following courses:.
o Grooming courses for professionals.
o course, spa, dog
o Dog Grooming courses only species
o Curriculum Learning Business Pet Shop.
o Grooming courses in film and advertising scene.

• course, spa, 10,000 dogs - 50 hours.
• Dog Grooming courses only 10,000 species - 50 hours.
• Learning Business Courses Pet Shop 10,000 Baht - 50 days.
• Course Grooming professionals to 28,000 Baht - 150 hours.

• School Test Grooming and Spa Home Two Dogs Don Muang Bangkok

• Promotion discount programs for professional hair cut from 28,000 baht to 18,000 baht (temporary).
• The equipment consists of free education.
• Students can learn at your own.